What’s a briefing?

You may be wondering: What is a briefing? That is a good question. A briefing is an American term that has come across. In short, it comes down to an explanation of what you expect from someone.

“A briefing is an explanation of what you expect from someone”

So an explanation, but what about a briefing?

So a briefing is indeed just a way of explaining to someone else what you expect from that person or company. But; explaining what you expect from someone or a company can of course go both ways. Take an advertising agency as an example. A briefing in relation to an advertising agency will often go from the customer to the advertising agency. Such an advertising agency asks the customer to explain by means of a briefing what he / she wants and expects from the company. That is an example of how a briefing can be used powerfully.

Another way is that you tell / present someone else what you expect through a briefing. Take, for example, a security company or a company where services are transferred. A briefing is often used there to explain what is expected of the team and what the points for attention are for the upcoming shift. In such a way, a briefing is a powerful tool to clarify what you expect.

So you see that there are actually 2 ways to interpret a briefing.

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What does a briefing consist of?

Now that we know that a briefing has several expressions, we come to the content of a briefing. As an example we take an advertising agency (or, if you prefer, a marketing agency or a text agency or a communication consultancy :-)).

As an advertising agency, you want to know where you stand with every new assignment. You want to know what a client expects and what his or her specific wishes and requirements are. You also want to know a little more about the company you are dealing with. An online briefing tool is a useful tool to use for this. A client indicates by means of an online briefing what the wishes and requirements are. Then it is useful that you use a standard template where you ask all the questions in one go.

To find out what kind of company you are dealing with, it is useful to ask some general questions about the company. Think of company size, type of company, type of activities, etc.

Besides wanting to know what kind of company it is, you also want to know what the wishes and requirements of a customer are. You can ask this nicely in the online briefing. For example, you can ask what the customer has in mind as an end product. Another good question is, for example, the desired realization date or, for example, the budget. Another nice question is the question when the product would exceed the customer’s expectations. If you know that, you can take it into account in your proposal.

Application options

Explaining what is expected applies everywhere, of course. This can of course be made super easy with an online briefing tool. This way you standardize the processes and input for every new project.

A number of applications are, for example:

  • briefing
  • creative briefing
  • briefing case
  • briefing ppt
  • contra briefing
  • branding briefing
  • briefing advertising agency
  • briefing communication agency
  • ux briefing

Briefing.nl is the tool for a branding briefing (for example)

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