That’s how it works

Create briefing

Creating a briefing is easy. With so-called drag and drop functionality you drag text blocks and images into your online presentation. You can also make a briefing based on a previously created template.

Share briefing

You can share a created briefing within your organization, but if you wish you can also share the briefing with any e-mail address. If you wish, you can also protect the briefing with a password.

Functionalities of

The functionalities of the online briefing tool are explained in the manual. You can download this from the dashboard after logging in. You will find a brief overview of the most important functionalities below.

DashboardAn overview of all briefings to which you are entitled. Here you can see briefings from yourself, or briefings that have been shared with you.
Create a briefingWith this functionality you can click a briefing together by means of so-called drag and drop functionality. It is possible to create multiple slides. Each slide can contain text and images. Colors and fonts can also be adjusted.
Create a templateA briefing that has already been created can be saved as a template. This allows you to compile a fixed layout quite easily, giving you unity in your briefings.
Share a briefingYou can share a briefing in 2 ways. Within your organization, or outside your organization. A briefing is always shared in ‘Read only’ mode. If desired, you can provide a briefing with a password. A briefing is always shared via a unique and non-traceable link.
Safety firstYour briefings are stored securely on a server in the Netherlands. In addition to the secure data storage, all communication is sent via a secure line. will soon be available in Dutch, English and German. is the online briefing tool for the business user. The briefing tool is easy to use. As a user you can easily create a briefing, create a template or share a briefing.