is the online briefingtool.

More control over your briefing process? is the online briefing tool for companies that want to optimize the briefing process with their customers. Experience the simplicity and convenience of our briefing tool.

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> This is why you choose

The entire briefing process is optimized with our online briefing tool. This makes interaction with the customer even better.

> A number of advantages of our briefing tool

  • All briefings safely in 1 place
  • Standardization of the briefing process
  • Real-time insight into briefing data
  • Make changes easily and in real time
  • No more loose documents or emails
Workplace briefing with the online briefingtool.

For every industry with briefings

Many branches work with some form of briefing. Actually very logical. The transfer of information and expectations takes place everywhere. A number of branches stand out. Think of advertising agencies, communication agencies, companies in logistics, security, etc.

This briefing tool has greatly optimized our process at the front and our customers appreciate the professionalization and standardization.

Jan Jansen

Would you like to experience the convenience of an online briefing tool yourself?

How does an online briefing via work?

In many companies, a briefing form is still distributed on paper, via a PDF or a Microsoft Wordt document. Having briefings completed by your customers is much easier with the briefing tool. We will tell you exactly how it works and what it looks like here, but in terms of steps it comes down to the steps on the right.

Simple, speed, standardization, professionalization; all words that fit this smart way of communicating with your customer. This way you can easily and quickly identify the wishes, requirements and expectations of your customer. That works well, but it can also better anticipate customer needs.

Time required: 10 minuten.

This is how an online briefing works at

  1. Create briefing form

    You can easily create a briefing form using our advanced drag & drop functionality.

  2. Invite customer

    You go to the overview with invitations and invite 1 or more people to fill in the online briefing form.

  3. Customer fills out briefing form

    Your customer will receive an email with an invitation to fill in the form.

  4. Result visible

    After the customer has completed the online form, you will immediately see the completed result in the online briefing tool.